Imagine RIT 2012

Exhibit "Fun with Psychology!"

College of Liberal Arts building

Some might question why a technical university would focus on developing strong programs in subjects such as public policy, philosophy, fine arts, communication and modern languages and culture . But it has been proven that these disciplines assist scientists and engineers in becoming better managers, writers and critical thinkers. ” - James Winebrake, Dean of College of Liberal Arts

Imagine RIT, May 7th, 2011

Members and an advisor of the Psychology Student Society after the set-up of our exhibit for the RIT Imagine RIT festival.
Left to right: Lakshmi, Erica, Meghan, Sandy, Dr. Walker, Melissa, Stephanie

Preparing for Imagine RIT

Members and an advisor of the Psychology Student Society spending a Friday afternoon preparing the finishing touches for our perceptual adaptation exhibit.
Left to right: Dr. Walker, Aracelis, Stephanie

Dodgeball World Record.

PSS went out to help RIT set the record for most participants in a dodgeball game on May 1st, 2011.
Left to right: Meghan, Lakshmi, Colin, Lisa


Sep 6, 2012

Spring Quarter 2012

Students viewing a Ted Talk of Martin Seligman on Positive Psychology

Talking after the viewing

E-board member Greeny C. (Multidisciplinary Studies '12) at the Spring Club fair

Our table at the club fair.

Greeny and Meghan C. (Psychology '12).