Jan 1, 2012

Meet the E-Board


Name:  Meghan Castagno                                                                                      
Year:     Senior, Psychology major
Hometown: Orange County, California

"I'm part of the Psychology Student Society because I believe that students are each others' most valuable resources. We know what we've tried, what worked and what didn't, and where to go in the end. Why force everyone else to complete an algorithm when we can offer heuristics? (Terrible joke there, I know...)."

Vice President
Position currently open


Name: Melissa Masline                                                                             
Year:    Junior, Psychology major
Hometown: Penfield, NY

"I joined the Psychology Student Society to better know the faculty and staff and to better understand the resources here on campus to psych students."

Name: Brittany Priddy                                                                       
Year:    Senior, Psychology major
Hometown: Rochester, New York

Social Media Coordinator
Name:  Greeny Cohen                                                                               
Year:     Senior, Multidisciplinary Studies major
Hometown:  Rochester, New York

"I'm in PSS because I've been through many of the challenging situations that psychology students face, and I wish to help contribute to the exceptional resource that is PSS.  Being a psychology student at a technology university means that it is often very hard to find the help needed for the unique issues related to the department; it is our aim as a club and my goal as a member to be of assistance to anyone who wishes to partake of our services."