Jan 25, 2012


The Psychology Student Society was formed in December of 2010 by a group of students want to 'revamp' the image of "Psych Club." Many of us felt that we wanted a group that was not just about a general psychology interest but was also a useful resource for students and a community. However, that is not to say that we aren't also interested in psychology! The founding E-board consisted of Meghan Castagno (President), Stephanie Felice (Vice President), Lakshmi Raman (Secretary), Erica Israel (Department Liaison), Sheila Murray (Treasurer), Sandy Francois (Events Coordinator). We've changed what we have as available E-board positions over the year and think we have found roles that pertain to the needs of students within our department and outside of it. For current roles and e-board members, please visit the nested link above!

The Psychology Student Society is dedicated to bringing a sense of community to the psychology department at RIT by providing mentoring and advising to majors and general students alike. Through hosting activities and events we hop to give back to university as well as provide department students with some entertainment during the stressful terms. In addition, PSS endeavors to serve as a source of intellectual discussion for those interested in the filed of psychology. We welcome and encourage faculty, staff, and students who are interest or involved in the field of psychology to join us! More than anything, we are each others' most valuable resource.

Past Events:
Past events include Coffee Breaks, Film Series, Advising Sessions, Study Sessions and Imagine RIT.
Our Coffee Breaks were before the department hosted Colloquium talks and were a chance for students and professors to mingle before the talk, drink some coffee, and have a relaxing time. The Film Series put on was to a similar tune, allowing participants to understand the psychological aspects of the film and eat free pizza (and in some cases, get extra credit!). Advising sessions usually happen a week before the department's advising. This lets you get upperclassmen's opinions on courses, professors, and general plans.

Our Imagine RIT project was extremely successful- President Destler even enjoyed it!

Many parents said that the "Fun with Psychology-Inkblots" was one of the more kid friendly activities at Imagine RIT. Our Perceptual Adaptation project was also a hit with the older kids.

All information on this site is the product of individual students collaborating with each other. The advise stated here is not meant to be a substitute for going to your advisers!!! Again, this site and PSS are about COLLABORATION OF RESOURCES- resources that would have stayed hidden away in our notebooks. If you have any questions or complaints, or if there is something you would like to add or share, please email ritPSS@gmail.com