Jan 22, 2012

Events 112

Upcoming Events* for the months of January, February, and March:

Event: E-board meeting
Date: Monday, January 23rd
Time: 6-7pm
Location: 01-2383
Description: Interested in joining the eboard or finding out what we do? Come to our meeting!

Event: General Meeting
Date: Monday, January 30th 
Time: 6-7:30
Location: 01-2383
Description: Help us plan for upcoming events Bring fundraising ideas, too!
           1.     Eat Pizza
           2.     Discuss Valentine's Day event
                     -> Mini-talk on Mate-Value by Dr. Edlund?
                     -> What time, date, etc?
          3.     Discuss Valentine's Day fundraising
                     -> Red carnations on the quarter mile, pre-sale, etc?
          4.     Imagine RIT Project
                    -> Recap of last year's exhibit
                    -> What do we want to switch up (Help from Human Factors club)?

Event: General Meeting
Date: Monday, February 6th
Time: 6-7pm
Location: 01-2383
Description: Another discussion about upcoming plans. *An important discussion in here may be our new Book Share program.
           1.     Discuss Valentine's Day event
                     -> Date/Time: Monday the 13th from 4-5pm.
                     -> Title: "What is love? A talk about Mate-Value" --> Tentative title
                     -> Volunteers: Brittany P, Greeny C, Dr. Walker  (We need more)

           2.     Valentine's Day Fundraising!
                     -> When: Tabling TWR from 11-3 in front of the Tiger Statue
                     -> Who: Meghan TWR 11-12, Greeny TWR 11-3. Need more volunteers!
                     -> What: Carnations with a special note and chocolate for $2.00. Preorder and pick up on Tuesday the 14th (so, tabling the 14th from 11-3 as well).

Event: Carnation pre-sale! 
Date: February 7, 8, 9
Time: 11-3
Location: Tiger Statue
Description: $2 for a carnation, chocolates, and a personalized message!

Event: "What is love? A talk about Mate-Value with Dr. Edlund"
Date: Monday, February 13th
Time: 4-5pm
Location: 06-3232
Description: What factors do people look for in a partner and what personal qualities are most desirable? Dr. John E. Edlund, assistant professor in the department of psychology and instructor of courses such as Experimental Psychology, Special Topics (ST): Evolutionary Psychology, and Social Psychology, studies a construct known as mate value- or how good a catch someone is- as well as attitudes and behaviors surrounding romantic jealousy. Join Dr. John Edlund and the Psychology Student Society for a talk and discussion about the in-and outs of Mate-Value: what it is, how it is measured, and how it can be applied to a number of research domains (beyond finding a date for Valentine's Day!). Refreshments will be served

Event: E-board meeting
Date: Monday, the 13th
Time: 6-7pm
Location: 01-2383
Description: The eboard will be putting together the carnations for pick up the next day. Stop by and help us out!

 Carnation Pick Up!

Date: Tuesday, February 14th
Time: 11-3
Location: Tiger Statue
Description: Pick up of carnations and selling of extras.

Event: General Meeting
Date: Monday, March 12th
Time: 5-6pm
Location: 01-2383
Description: General meeting discussing upcoming Imagine RIT project and other events for the upcoming quarter.


*We cannot request interpreters for events. We have been told that it is the responsibility of students to request interpreters for themselves. If you require an interpreter, please request one at http://myaccess.rit.edu